Computer Cleaning

Make your computer and telephone equipment look as good as new!


According to many studies, an average office terminal has between 300 and 400 times more bacteria and potentially harmful microorganisms compared to a toilet seat. In addition, more than 50% of illnesses related to work are direct result of unclean office equipment. The situation today is even worse than before because most workers today have their meals at the desks. Of course, the number of people who practice poor hygiene is big too. A dirty workplace is a fertile ground for dangerous bacteria and it also has influence on the morale and productivity.

Our company is specialized in dirt accumulation and bacteria removal on modern office equipment. With our help, you will be able to reduce the chances of infections which mean fewer absentees among your workers. In addition, office equipment that is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis will have less chance of malfunctioning and failure.  We have expert desktop IT and telecommunication cleaning services in our offer. Thanks to these services your computers, peripherals, phones and other similar office equipment will be clean and protected.

Our cleaning company has a team that posses the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to deal with such tasks. We follow the highest standards and do everything we can to deliver top-notch services. We can design offers that are tailored to your needs in order to provide the best service at the most affordable price.

We have experience and knowledge in cleaning every type of office equipment such as:

– Personal computers (mouse, keyboard and monitor)

– Printers

– Copiers

– Telephones

– Scanners

– Fax machines

– Whiteboards and projectors

If your business is located in the London area, feel free to contact our Business Development Team through our special contact form for more information. You can also use our phone number or e-mail address.